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Give Us a Call at 205.349.3065
Caring Hands Hospice Volunteers
As a member of our Circle of Caring, volunteers are essential in assisting the hospice agency in maintaining
an exceptional level of care. Hospice volunteers have an enormous impact on the lives of hospice patients and their caregivers by offering support and vital services.
If you've ever considered volunteerism, a hospice is an
excellent place to dedicate your time..

What is a Hospice Volunteer?

Hospice volunteers are unpaid workers who have donated their time to support hospice patients, caregivers, and staff. They are an essential part of a well-run hospice program. Hospice volunteers may do a number of important tasks that range from assisting in office work to vigiling at a dying patient's bed side. Because a hospice agency needs many volunteers to succeed, there are plenty of jobs for volunteers that utilize an individual's talents and skills.    
Caring Hands Hospice
4930 Rice Mine Road
Suite 103
Tuscaloosa, AL  35406
Tel: (205) 349-3065
Fax: (205) 349-3295

Online Volunteer Form
Feel free to drop us a note, ask a question about our Volunteer program .

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